Sam is happier now that his father and I settle our differences without screaming.


This story of Margaret & Sam is a composite that represents typical scenarios faced by Triple P families around the world.

Things at home were getting very bad. My husband Ali and I fought a lot. It hadn’t always been that way, but after we had Sam it got worse and worse. I suppose we were often both tired and stressed, and money was always a problem. So we’d shout. And I’d cry. And…..

I knew Sam would get upset when we started arguing. He’d go into his room with his little fluffy toy and be so quiet. Sometimes, I’d hear him crying in his bed. I would feel bad, but I thought he would be better in the morning. Everything always looked better in the morning.

But then I realised that Sam was starting to get very angry – with his father and with me. He would misbehave and that would cause more tension between Ali and me. And the fighting would start all over again. Then, our doctor suggested we do Triple P. They said we could make our home a happier place – for Sam’s sake and for us as well.

Triple P gave us some really good ideas to use when Sam was misbehaving and showed us some ways we could make him feel better.

But most importantly, it helped Ali and I work together to make our family life better. I was shown ways to help me control my anger – how to calm down and not get so upset. And we both learnt that we could disagree about things without having to scream or shout.

Our Triple P practitioner told us most parents argue, but what is important is that children see problems being resolved. So, now that we have some good Triple P skills to rely on, we can discuss our issues without getting upset. We still fight sometimes, but we always make sure that we settle the argument calmly.

I’m happy to say, we’ve seen such a big change in Sam. He’s a much happier boy and he’s better behaved too. Of course, our house is a much nicer place to be as well.